Max’s Guide to the Movies

By Max It’s that time of year again when the movie companies make their big push with blockbusters for the summer. As a fan of the film industry I look forward to seeing the parade of big budget productions that grace the theatres in my neighborhood but also the not so big movies that don’t … Continue reading

Hey SyFy, thanks for Defiance. Can I get more?

Last week I took the time to sit down, put the scifi – oops I mean the SyFy channel on, and watch the premier of Defiance with my partner in geek Ben. I thought it was great, it was compelling, the effects were high quality for a television show, and it pulled me in. Tonight … Continue reading

Come Tell Me A Story

By Ben If there is one aspect of the medium that is video games that can be sorely overlooked it is plot. Thinking back to the early days, what story was to be had? We were presented with a lineup of ghosts of different colors, their names hovering with them, only to then have a … Continue reading

Man, My DM is a Dick – On Death and Dying

Deep within the woods, far from civilization a small group of friends hunkers by a campfire. One sits strumming a lute, humming a tune, others sharpen blades, while another sits to the side meditating. One keen observer perks at a noise in the distance, his alertness startles another next to him and he shares his … Continue reading

Like Father, Like Son

By Ben     There are any number of emotions and feelings that come with being a parent. The joy of seeing your child for the first time. The pride felt while watching them take their first steps. The frustration when they start talking back to you. You watch your children grow, you see them … Continue reading