Hey SyFy, thanks for Defiance. Can I get more?

Last week I took the time to sit down, put the scifi – oops I mean the SyFy channel on, and watch the premier of Defiance with my partner in geek Ben. I thought it was great, it was compelling, the effects were high quality for a television show, and it pulled me in. Tonight I will again sit down and watch Defiance. It will be, well let’s call it a test. I want to know if the show can pull it off again. I’ve seen too often with TV shows that it starts out great but drops the ball soon after. Hell, even movies can do that.

The key to this show for me was that it showed possibility. Not for the show per se, but for the SyFy channel itself. I won’t get my hopes up. I’ve watched good shows come and go on many channels, but with SyFy, I’ve seen good shows come, last, and become popular without changing what I view are the downfalls to the channel itself.

SyFy has a history of great shows, Stargate, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, etc. Many of which I will admit I was disappointed to see cancelled. This isn’t a complaint about cancelling good shows. That happens, ratings, budgets, or sometimes the show just runs its course. What I see is a good, or more, show will come on but the remainder of the channel is subpar, mediocre, or just bad and people don’t take the time to come and watch the channel.

SyFy launched when I was six years old, not quite at an age where I would be excited but after a few years, when I could fully grasp what it was and my inner geek was beginning to blossom I watched it as much as possible whenever I had cable. Years later I get to a point where I will occasionally watch something, then almost never. Now I will occasionally see a movie on that I want to watch and I will be watching Defiance, but beyond that I feel the SyFy channel has a lot of work to do.

What I see coming from the SyFy channel isn’t what grabbed me all those years ago. Half the shows are reality shows, some form of ghost hunting, or the make-up effects completion Face Off. Then there’s the movie programming. Don’t get me wrong, their Saturday SyFy Originals are amazing, at least if you enjoy B quality films, which I do, but they repeat movies far more often than they should. Take as an example Outlander, whether a person deems it a good movie or not, I have noticed this movie played on average twice a month for the past year. How many times do we need to see this movie? Oh, and don’t forget Friday night wrestling. I mean I enjoy professional wrestling, and I know it’s very popular, but is it SyFy material?

Really I just want to see SyFy emphasize the story based, non-reality TV shows. There are plenty of people out there with cool ideas to make shows, not to mention the plethora of classic shows thar could be optioned out. Try showcasing new talent in the sci fi media field, hell if you want to do other kinds of shows do specials. I’d rather see a special on movie effects then a completion show. Then of course we have movies. Keep pushing the SyFy originals; just try not to repeat the same movies over and over again. Do the same with the movies as the TV shows, so many classic films out there.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe people like the way SyFy is doing things. This article doesn’t matter if no one agrees, but I don’t think I’m alone in this. In the end I will continue to do what I’ve always done. I’ll watch the few things that SyFy offers that I enjoy and keep a small amount of hope that it will return to the place where I am as excited about the channel as I was when I first discovered its glory.


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