Max’s Guide to the Movies

By Max

It’s that time of year again when the movie companies make their big push with blockbusters for the summer. As a fan of the film industry I look forward to seeing the parade of big budget productions that grace the theatres in my neighborhood but also the not so big movies that don’t quite make it to my neck of the woods that I am forced to wait for the DVDs to shelves. I’ve decided to provide Max’s guide to late spring through summer movies.

Let’s begin with April, though it is all but over there are movies worth representing…

Jurassic Park 3D – Now I’m not a fan of the 3D movement, my depth perception is fine for everyday things but just bad enough to make it impossible to watch a 3D movie and get the experience intended. That saying I am not willing to pay the extra a 3D ticket costs to see a movie I could easily see in a normal format. So of course why do I put it on the list? Jurassic Park is a good movie and Nerdstafari’s other half LOVES this movie, so it gets a mention.

Evil Dead – Now I’m not big into remakes but this movie has Sam Raimi’s blessing, Bruce Campbell as a producer and from what I’ve heard is downright awesome. I want to see this. Everyone should want to see this. And like so many movies out there it has a nice shout out post credits – or so I’ve heard. If that isn’t correct and you stayed that late don’t come crying to me, I’m just a messenger.

The next two movies won’t be to everybody’s taste and are a more limited release so aren’t available in all theatres.

Odd Thomas – Based on Dean Koontz’s novel of the same name, the first in a series of Odd Thomas books. I’ve read the book and very much enjoyed it and just recently discovered that a movie had been made based on said book. I will be seeing this, unfortunately on DVD because I can’t afford to drive an hour away to find a theatre that it might be playing at.

Lords of Salem – Rob Zombie’s latest foray into horror. I adore Rob Zombie’s movies. He does exceptionally well with his own creations. I know some don’t like his Halloween remakes, I do. Which I guess goes against the grain of me disliking remakes. His own creations though are much better. He’s got talent and I enjoy helping to fund that talent.

There are two movies in May that I cannot wait to see…

Iron Man 3 – The Marvel Cinematic Universe is good. I disagree with some choices, would prefer stricter comic adaptations, but the movies are well made, well-acted, and fun. My opinion is that the first Iron Man movie set in motion a renaissance of Super Hero Comic adaptations. It is not the best comic adaptation to date but upon its original release it was the best Super Hero comic adaptation. Will Iron Man 3 continue the upward climb of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or signal its downward spiral?

Star Trek Into Darkness – For as much of a Star Wars nerd that I am I do like Star Trek. *dodges tomatoes being thrown* It isn’t blasphemy, I still think Star Wars is better. JJ Abrams took the original series and put a new spin on it and he is using his magical ability to hide facts to bring people into wanting to know just who Benedict Cumberbatch really is. I am no different and intend to find out in May.

The June three…

Man of Steel – A Superman movie that I am actually anticipating. The previews have given me hope. I haven’t watched a Supes movie, at least a live action one that I liked. So my hope isn’t so much that Man of Steel will be good, but that it won’t suck. I do hope it surprises me, but we’ll see.

World War Z – This one will be on my watch when it hits DVD shelves. It doesn’t look bad. I’m just played out on zombies. It seems unique, in the respect that is has a big name, Brad Pitt, a lot of advertising, and what seems like a big budget, all elements not usually associated with zombie films.

Monsters University – Another one to shout out for Ben. Pixar does well and Monsters Inc was fun. I usually have a big spiel about sequels, or in this case prequels, but I think at this point it’s irrelevant considering half the movies on this list are sequels. Disney seems to be all about sequels, well a lot of kids movies are very sequel oriented, think Land Before Time. To me it’s a ploy for more money, but I watch them so…

Ah, July…

Pacific Rim – One name Guillermo del Toro, two words kaiju and mecha. That’s all that needs to be said. My most anticipated movie of the year. I’m calling it the best of the year. It will be amazing, everyone should watch it, love it, and recommend it to all they know. The movies del Toro makes are brilliant, well crafted, and beautiful. He has an eye like no other. Just watch this movie.

V/H/S/2 – The first was alright. I enjoyed it well enough to watch the second. It’s a very limited release in theatres and can actually be watched Video On Demand starting in June. What that means to me is I won’t see it until it’s on DVD or Netflix, the first was on Netflix pretty much at the same time as its DVD release.

R.I.P.D. – More comic book adaptations. This is one from Dark Horse, my favorite comic publisher. I just found out about this one and I’m looking forward to it, plus it stars Jeff Bridges who I’ve come to think is a brilliant actor.

Red 2 – Another sequel and another comic based movie. The first was good so I expect the second will be as well. I gotta say Bruce Willis is getting a lot of work lately.

The Wolverine – It better make up for Origins. What else is there to say, a solo Wolverine movie, which of course the first solo was a big mistake. I haven’t given this movie much attention, the whole X-Men movie world has been a pile of shit, with a little flower on top with First Class. I’m not going to expect much from this film and hope I get surprised.

So we’ve got a few movies each month that worth investigating. If I missed a movie feel free to leave a comment below telling me either what the movie is or how much of a schmuck I am for not including it. Of course if you’d like to help fund my movie watching summer feel free to give me money.


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