Husband, father, nerd, Sith Lord, metalhead, badass, and Cosmic Force to be reckoned with.

Now that I’ve satisfied my ego, let us continue.

I could never pinpoint the moment I realized that I was a nerd. Perhaps there wasn’t even a specific point in time. Perhaps it was a gradual acknowledgement. Or maybe as I aged I gained the wisdom to describe it, same as my fore bearers? Whatever Galactic wave that finally allowed me to have this epiphany I owe a drink. I embraced being a nerd as if it were my long lost twin brother.  It was an instantly familiar entity I would have sworn I’d known for centuries. Regardless of what moment in time, it was THE moment for me. It changed my life forever. For decades now, I’ve dedicated my life to the pursuit of the geeky. The bargain bin sci-fi novels, garage sale retro gaming consoles, the horror movie collectible action figures, these are my adopted children, loved equally and unconditionally.

Now my days and nights are spent discussing the wonders of space and time with my compatriots. Or debating whether the next Hollywood reboot will do a classic horror franchise justice. Or detailing plans to survive a zombie apocalypse we know will never happen (or will it?). It is more than a hobby it is an obsession, a way of life. It is the dogma with which I live and follow. Because of this, I have pledged myself to sharing with the world the glory of the geek. To bring you, the wondrous audience, what you so desperately crave and I will shout it from the highest rooftops: The world according to Geek!

So sit back and relax.  Grab a Dew and a sandwich and enjoy. The adventure has already begun, and I hope you enjoy the ride. Oorah!

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