I are nerd! Hear me w00t!

At the dawn of the Universe a cataclysmic event occurred, birthing an entity known as Geek. For aeons Geek existed everywhere and nowhere among the cosmos, until the dawn of man on Earth. Slowly Geek was drawn to this planet and its denizens of hairless apes. The birth of one human called to Geek, drawing its existence into the human child, forever changing the course of human existence.

Moving forward to the year 1986 yet another child was born with the cosmic entity known as Geek radiating from the child’s mind. The years slowly ticked away until this child, Max, embraced the grand heritage of Geek and transformed his very life to fulfill the wishes of the cosmic entity that exists within each and every nerd, geek, or [insert preferred terminology].

Max spends countless hours combing the internet for every morsel of nerdy goodness, scouring the land for every comic book shop, game store, and junk shop to find treasures, and sinks deeper and deeper into the bowels of b-movie madness. Max is an aficionado of all thinks nerd, ranging from Alternity to Zombies.

For more Max follow him on Twitter @max_nerdstafari


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