Ord Mantell, Ernest Rister, and the pursuit of Star Wars knowledge

By Max This is an article about Star Wars. In particular it is a about an event described within the expanded universe that is briefly mentioned in the original trilogy. The events that spawned this article though, occurred a few weeks ago while I was celebrating Star Wars Day… I have a consistent morning routine … Continue reading

Tales From the Bargain Bin: JLA Black Baptism

By Max In this four part mini-series the Justice League of America face off with a demon gang known as the Diablos. Issue one of the series introduces us to the Diablos and their attack on the Sentinels of Magic and opens up with Superman and Plastic Man coming to the aid of Zatanna. The … Continue reading

Tales from the Bargain Bin: Boba Fett Twin Engines of Destruction

By Max Twin Engines of Destruction is a rousing tale of real Boba Fett versus fake Boba Fett.  Jodo Kast, an up and coming bounty hunter makes the poor decision of impersonating Boba Fett to gain access to better bounties. On one such bounty he runs into Dengar. Dengar realizes that Jodo, in the same … Continue reading