Our Disappearance

We here at Nerdstafari have been on a long hiatus. We’d like to apologize to our readership for this. We understand how important our readers are to Nerdstafari, without them we are nothing. We also hope for understanding in this time. We are both busy individuals and Nerdstafari is a labor of love, meaning we … Continue reading

“Hands in the air!” Nerdstafari’s Top 10 Sci-fi Guns

By Max & Ben The Nerdstafari boys love their sci-fi tech. They love the inventive creations that the minds of designers come up with. Most of all, they love how absolutely fabulous sci-fi weaponry is, specifically in the case of firearms. With this in mind, we have, for your reading pleasure, compiled a list of … Continue reading

Tales From the Bargain Bin: The Savage Dragon #1

The issue opens up with Dragon, a Chicago Police officer who is also a large, green man with a fin on his head, stopping two criminals, Cutthroat and Glowbug. It then flashes back to Dragon being found in a burning vacant lot by police officer Lt. Frank Darling. Dragon has no memories pertaining to himself, … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Stay Jersey Strong

By Ben   Six months ago Hurricane Sandy turned the New Jersey coastline into a battleground. The forces of nature razed the shore towns of Central New Jersey. Last week, I stepped foot onto those shores for the first time in nearly 10 years.   I grew up in New Jersey. I lived my first … Continue reading

Hey SyFy, thanks for Defiance. Can I get more?

Last week I took the time to sit down, put the scifi – oops I mean the SyFy channel on, and watch the premier of Defiance with my partner in geek Ben. I thought it was great, it was compelling, the effects were high quality for a television show, and it pulled me in. Tonight … Continue reading