Ord Mantell, Ernest Rister, and the pursuit of Star Wars knowledge

By Max This is an article about Star Wars. In particular it is a about an event described within the expanded universe that is briefly mentioned in the original trilogy. The events that spawned this article though, occurred a few weeks ago while I was celebrating Star Wars Day… I have a consistent morning routine … Continue reading

Max’s Guide to the Movies

By Max It’s that time of year again when the movie companies make their big push with blockbusters for the summer. As a fan of the film industry I look forward to seeing the parade of big budget productions that grace the theatres in my neighborhood but also the not so big movies that don’t … Continue reading

Gojira, Birth of a Legend

By Max In this edition of my Godzilla series I watch and discuss the Japanese version of the original Godzilla. Originally title Gojira, the film was released by Toho in 1954 and was directed by Ishiro Honda. The film opens with a nuclear bomb testing that destroys a fishing ship and awakens and alters a … Continue reading

Nerdstafari Does Helldriver

By Max & Ben   Released in 2010, Helldriver is a zombie splatter film directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura. Known for his previous gore-fest, Tokyo Gore Police, Nishimura once again delivers a nearly non-stop deluge of guts and viscera. Kika is a miserable young girl. She and her invalid father are abused by her psychotic mother … Continue reading

Just Another Bad Movie – Severed: Forest of the Dead

By Max   Severed: Forest of the Dead is a 2005 film directed by Carl Bessai, starring Paul Campbell, Sarah Lind, Julian Christopher, and JR Bourne. The films plot revolves around a group of loggers and environmental activists in a forest that the company the loggers are working for have been testing a growth hormone … Continue reading