Gaming is not a Crime.

By Ben   *Disclaimer: Until final, official, announcements are made; I am in no way accusing any names or entities contained within proceeding with any sort of unethical or immoral acts or regulations. This is an article to convey my thoughts on where an industry is or may be headed. Examples given are simply that: … Continue reading

Xbox One Revealed. Nerdstafari Underwhelmed.

By Ben   Here at Nerdstafari we love video games. From classic consoles through super-powered Blu-Ray discs powering bigger than Hollywood blockbusters. As the resident video game “expert” of this duo, I have now the task of running down the reveal of Microsoft’s new Xbox. A bit later than the general press – sorry folks, … Continue reading

Is That a Gaming Console in Your Pocket? Or are You Just Happy to See Me?

By Ben     I love my Genesis. In fact, aside from still owning one – as all retro gamers should – I continue to purchase accessories and games from garage sales and thrift store shelves, even if I already have them – again, as any retro gamer should. I grew up with the Genesis … Continue reading

Is that a gaming console in your pocket? or are you just happy to see me

  By Ben     It’s been a while, but my ongoing series dedicated to the history and legacy of the handheld gaming platform is back! Join me as today we look at what I have always considered the number two spot on my top 5 list of handhelds. With excellent games, fantastic graphics, and … Continue reading

Come Tell Me A Story

By Ben If there is one aspect of the medium that is video games that can be sorely overlooked it is plot. Thinking back to the early days, what story was to be had? We were presented with a lineup of ghosts of different colors, their names hovering with them, only to then have a … Continue reading