“Hands in the air!” Nerdstafari’s Top 10 Sci-fi Guns

By Max & Ben The Nerdstafari boys love their sci-fi tech. They love the inventive creations that the minds of designers come up with. Most of all, they love how absolutely fabulous sci-fi weaponry is, specifically in the case of firearms. With this in mind, we have, for your reading pleasure, compiled a list of … Continue reading

Is that a gaming console in your pocket? or are you just happy to see me

  By Ben     It’s been a while, but my ongoing series dedicated to the history and legacy of the handheld gaming platform is back! Join me as today we look at what I have always considered the number two spot on my top 5 list of handhelds. With excellent games, fantastic graphics, and … Continue reading

Tales From the Bargain Bin: The Savage Dragon #1

The issue opens up with Dragon, a Chicago Police officer who is also a large, green man with a fin on his head, stopping two criminals, Cutthroat and Glowbug. It then flashes back to Dragon being found in a burning vacant lot by police officer Lt. Frank Darling. Dragon has no memories pertaining to himself, … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Stay Jersey Strong

By Ben   Six months ago Hurricane Sandy turned the New Jersey coastline into a battleground. The forces of nature razed the shore towns of Central New Jersey. Last week, I stepped foot onto those shores for the first time in nearly 10 years.   I grew up in New Jersey. I lived my first … Continue reading

Max’s Guide to the Movies

By Max It’s that time of year again when the movie companies make their big push with blockbusters for the summer. As a fan of the film industry I look forward to seeing the parade of big budget productions that grace the theatres in my neighborhood but also the not so big movies that don’t … Continue reading